The Art Shop Skipton

The art of selling
Retailing one of the best selections of art supplies in North Yorkshire, we created a vibrant, yet hard-working, e-commerce website for The Art Shop.

Magento masterpiece

The Art Shop in Skipton has built a brilliant reputation over 20 years and also a vast inventory of art supplies. This made the Magento e-commerce platform an obvious choice as it is ideally suited to handling large numbers of products. The functionality of Magento enables the client to easily manage their products, and makes the experience a pleasure for both customers and the site owners.

Vintage vivid

Whilst the e-commerce site employs the latest state-of-the-art Magento platform technologies, our designers ensured that the new branding visually reflects the company’s rich heritage. Vintage-inspired typefaces with bright colours captured the energy, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge of the family-run retailer.

Image of Paint for Art Shop Skipton Magento 2 website

1000 words

E-commerce sites needn’t be cold and impersonal. To reflect the creative ethos of The Art Shop, our illustrator created characterful portraits that reflected the individual personalities of the owners and staff, giving site visitors recommendations from a friendly face. Our copywriters also worked closely with the client to strike the right tone of voice, with fun, creative landing pages, SEO-friendly blogs and copy throughout.

Through the line

We’re great Magento technicians, but we’re also marketing strategists. We know that if you’ve an offline presence, you can leverage it when you launch online. We created a direct mail brochure to promote the new site and also distributed a discount code to entice new customers to buy online.