The Yorkshire Soap Company

Cleaning up
The Yorkshire Soap Company are an established e-commerce and retail brand that tasked us with taking their revenue, customer base and experience to the next level.
Image of Yorkshire Soap - A Magento 2 website

Bricks and clicks

Together with The Yorkshire Soap Company, we devised a strategy to bring the brand’s experience and product range of their four existing shops online. We built and marketed a Magento e-commerce website with a huge product range, website search and smart filters to make browsing a genuine pleasure, whilst still making it easy for customers to get straight to the product they want, dashing through the one-step checkout.

Pics and packs

We know customers buy with their eyes, which is why we shot and edited all of the product images so beautifully, you can almost smell them. Shooting them professionally and promptly meant we could quickly add new and seasonal products to the site. Customers love the packaging their products arrive in, so we created beautiful stop-frame unwrapping animations to tantalise customers on site and on social media.

Polished performance

Every online retailer knows how vast numbers of products can dramatically slow an e-commerce site down to a snail’s pace. Slow sites mean slow sales, but The Yorkshire Soap Company needn’t fear. We created custom tools that work perfectly with Magento to accelerate page and image loading.