Amplifying sales
We created a digital design system and integrated with an all-new technical platform, all built on Adobe’s Magento 2 Commerce to amplify sales for this leading global audio brand.

In data

conversion rate over 6 months

Perfectly in tune

We kicked off with an extensive research phase which took us across Europe and the US to gain a deep understanding of the customer, and unearth new insights that would ensure our e-commerce solution was in tune. It involved interviews, user-testing the target audience, analysing competitor customer experience and both heat- and user-journey mapping.

Movin’ up

Tech can be cold and emotionless. To bring to life the technical excellence and attention to detail of Audio-Technica’s products – and drive customer engagement – we created slick, smooth animations.

Intuitive retail

Audio-Technica has an incredibly diverse and extensive range of technologically advanced products, so guiding customers quickly and effortlessly to the product they are interested in was key. Mega-menus and an intelligent search enables users to swiftly get to the right product and also lets them browse via application or activity.

Maximising Magento

As Certified Partners of the platform, we knew that Magento had the power, flexibility and scalability to accommodate the growth of a huge global brand like Audio-Technica. It not only enabled our dev team to create a lighting fast web experience, it also empowered their marketing teams with more efficient workflows. We integrated stock management, product registration and multiple payment systems for both Europe and the US.