Shopify e-commerce development services

Shopify is an increasingly popular, flexible, and powerful e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes. Evolution E-commerce is a Shopify Plus agency with the teams and the tools to build your success on the Shopify platform.

Bang for your buck

Shopify is future-proof with unlimited expansion possibilities. Growing alongside you as your business flourishes, this platform over-performs, over-delivers, and yet retains a simplicity that makes it accessible to all levels.

Providing superlative Shopify website design is an important and popular part of what we do here at Evolution E-commerce – and we are good at it. Browse through our portfolio and you will uncover some amazing projects where working alongside our clients, we have delivered impressive e-commerce projects and verifiable results.

Leading the way with on-brand websites, built on Shopify

Our versatile team here at Evolution covers all bases. We have expert Shopify Plus website builders ready to work on your e-commerce project who know how to create captivating, retail-charged websites.

Backed by some of the best Shopify website developers and custom coders in the business, we know how to maximise the Shopify framework to produce e-commerce stores that rake in the results.

Evolution Shopify e-commerce development services can build you an e-commerce website so far removed from the ‘standard Shopify site’ as to be almost unrecognisable. We can customise and enhance your Shopify theme or even build you a unique Shopify template from scratch. We know we have done our job well when your visitors are completely unaware that your business is built on Shopify.

You get what you pay for

Naturally, Shopify is not free. There are a number of subscription plans ranging from the affordable basic starter plan, moving up in pricing increments to the flagship Shopify Plus. For many successful online retailers, the business boost and operating convenience brought by the platform far outweighs the cost.

Our Shopify Plus web designers take Shopify Plus development to the next level, implementing exciting design concepts and code tweaks that help you max out this versatile platform and push your site performance to the next level. Our goal is to inch that conversion rate up the scales, to bring more relevant inbound traffic  via email, PPC, SEO, social, and of course, firing up that all-important organic search traffic.

As a cutting-edge Shopify website design agency, we understand how to push the boundaries and walk on the wild side. We design high-performing websites that stand out from the crowd and get you the attention you need to sell your products.

Integrating a whole range of payment systems is easy with Shopify. Offering diverse and flexible payment methods can help you reach a broader market. Tailoring the checkout experience for your customers reduces shopping cart abandonment and boosts conversions (sales).

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Mighty Pea – on Shopify?

Mighty Pea’s website certainly doesn’t lend itself to a conventional Shopify design. The brief for this e-commerce store was to showcase the brand, and we certainly did that… along with adding some pretty awesome extras.

Subscriptions? Yes. Carbon calculator? Yes. Highly-designed content pages? Yes. But on Shopify? Of course!

Give their site a look over here. You may find it hard to believe, but yes, we really did build the Mighty Pea website on Shopify.

Take the headache out of the admin

Using Shopify to combine a physical bricks and mortar store with selling online is a much smoother process than with other platforms. Shopify provides a point-of-sale app and accompanying hardware for a joined-up retailing experience.

Recent reports estimate that by 2040, a massive 90% of retail shopping will be done online.

We’ve worked with lots of retailers who use the high street as their main selling channel but have now come to understand the urgency of having an online presence. We’ve helped established and up-and-coming brands connect their retail store to a Shopify e-commerce store. Alongside other multichannel selling options, adding an online presence offers the potential to boost your sales and gain new audiences.

Easy on the insights - let us upscale your marketing strategy

Shopify has one of the best dashboards in e-commerce. The level of insight that Shopify can provide, coupled with our expertise in strategic marketing, will get those sales scaling in the right direction.

Beyond the design, we jump right into the data to check and doublecheck that your store is moving in the right direction. Keeping tabs on the stats right across the board helps us refine your project and keep that trajectory moving upwards.

Shopify provides the tools to track your brand and make sure that your reputation continues to inspire your existing customers to recommend you to family and friends. We use multiple data channels to bring consumer insights that our Shopify Plus experts use for fine-tuning.

Having worked with the Evolution team for nearly a year now, I’ve thrown all sorts of challenges their way and they’ve exceeded my expectations every time. I look forward to our continued partnership over the coming years.
Nina Jackson, E-commerce Manager, Mighty Pea

Shopify Support

The Shopify UI is so intuitive and loaded with automated workflows that most of the daily operations can be taken care of by your in-house team.

But here at Evolution E-ommerce, we never take the ‘set and forget’ approach. Development ideas and improvements keep on coming. As your dedicated Shopify e-commerce partner, we can help you build and implement your e-commerce growth strategy.

We’re always on hand to provide honest, responsive, and reliable support when issues crop up. Our Shopify Plus website developers are available to jump on a call, and we are always ready to take your call or respond to your emails.

If additional training for your staff is needed, we can provide that too.

Ready to dive in?

If you need responsive and client-focused Shopify web development services, we are ready to help. Use our Contact Page to discover all of the different ways to get in touch.

Exploring your options cost nothing and is without further obligation. When it comes to building new partnerships, we let our experience and professionalism do the talking.

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