Leading the way with on-brand websites, built on Shopify

Our expert designers know how to create retail-charged website designs, and our developers know how to maximise the Shopify framework.

Bang for your buck

Being a full service e-commerce team, we can help you get the best out of Shopify. We’ll inch that conversion rate up the scales and bring more relevant traffic through to your site via email, PPC, SEO, social and more.

Mighty Pea – on Shopify?

Mighty Pea’s website design certainly doesn’t lend itself to a conventional Shopify design. The brief for this e-commerce store was to showcase the brand and we certainly did that… along with adding some other pretty awesome extras.

Subscriptions? Yep. Carbon Calculator? Yep. Highly-designed content pages? Yep. But on Shopify? Of course!

Go give their site a look over and we promise we’re not kidding – it really is built on Shopify.

Take the headache out of the admin

If you have “bricks and mortar” stores and are wanting to ease their admin, let us give you a hand. We’ve worked with lots of retailers who have the high street as their main selling channel and we’ve helped them connect their retail store to their Shopify e-commerce store – alongside other multichannel selling options – to really maximise their opportunities, all without causing the admin headaches!

Easy on the insights – let us upscale your strategy

Shopify has one of the best dashboards in e-commerce. The level of insight that Shopify can provide, coupled with our expertise in strategic marketing, will get those numbers scaling in the right direction – up!

Having worked with the Evolution team for nearly a year now, I’ve thrown all sorts of challenges their way and they’ve exceeded my expectations every time. I look forward to our continued partnership over the coming years.
Nina Jackson, E-commerce Manager, Mighty Pea

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