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As an accredited WooCommerce development company, we’ve been developing on WordPress’ WooCommerce since its inception in 2011. We have a wealth of experience on how to design and build smart to get the balance of design and performance just right. We’ve worked hard to make Evolution E-commerce the number one choice for all aspects of WooCommerce web design.

WooCommerce Developers

So, how do WordPress and WooCommerce complement each other? You get the practised ease of an intuitive and extremely well-developed content management system (CMS) like WordPress, combined with the seamless integration of a powerful, open-source e-commerce platform of WooCommerce. You also benefit from some useful WooCommerce development experiences gained by a huge community of users who have gone before you.

Built on WordPress, WooCommerce is officially labelled as a plug-in. However, it offers so much more. WooCommerce is the engine that drives 1000s of e-commerce stores across the globe.

Easy to use

Designed to make e-commerce accessible to all, and yet with the capabilities needed for large and complex e-commerce projects, WooCommerce brings endless functionalities to the masses. Gone are the days when you needed to be a PHP expert or a computer geek to run a successful online store. WooCommerce is user-friendly to non-tech entrepreneurs.

When we take on a WooCommerce development project, we take an in-depth look into your requirements and growth ambitions; As a platform, WooCommerce can be completely tailored to your business needs as well as scale up when your business begins to grow and flourish. Intuitive as it is, we can provide initial training and ongoing support to your in-house teams taking their first steps into the world of WooCommerce.

Easy to develop

As a top WooCommerce agency serving clients across the UK our experienced developers can elevate the platform beyond its out-of-the-box features. Being completely open-source, our WooCommerce web designers, PHP coders and platform developers relish the endless opportunities to shape and refine WooCommerce to suit the unique requirements of a variety of businesses.

Our specialist design team understands how to design for WooCommerce, and we can undertake a full end-to-end design process: researching, testing and adapting, wireframing and prototyping, whatever it takes to make sure that when it goes live, your store stands out from the crowd, performs well, and gives you the results you expect.

And if you can’t find the ideal WooCommerce template to suit your business, we have a dedicated WooCommerce web developer waiting to take your ideas and turn them into a unique template.

Whatever the stage of your project, or the size and complexity of your needs, Evolution E-commerce can provide a WordPress and WooCommerce solution that will drive your project forwards to help launch your direct-to-consumer channel.

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Case Study //Tangle Angel A super-charged WooCommerce store

Tangle Angel is the perfect example of a super-charged e-commerce website. Using our experience of CRO and strategy, we redesigned Tangle Angel’s WooCommerce store and helped them to utilise Trustpilot for enhanced reviews and improved customer loyalty.

In addition, we have now taken over management of Tangle Angle’s social media presence, using it to proactively engage with their audience, enhance their reputation and build an online community to drive sales.

Why not browse our Portfolio Page and take a look at some of the other exciting projects we have produced for our clients?

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Upscale your e-commerce strategy

Selling online is the future of retail and the pressure to build an online presence is palpable. We’re all aware that the pandemic expedited the launch of a number of e-commerce stores, so what exactly will set you apart from the competition?

Having a data-driven e-commerce strategy that reaches out towards your business objectives is what will really make the difference. For a top-flight WooCommerce development agency like Evolution, strategy is music to our ears. We apply advanced auditing and business development techniques that get you moving in the right direction. We work with you to develop a strategy that provides a clear view of the destination, and a roadmap to get you there.

As we’re experts in developing WooCommerce, our efficient ways of working ensure you’ll receive web support and a clear e-commerce strategy for your WooCommerce store.

Boosting your visitor numbers and converting visitors into sales is the destination, and your strategy is the journey. Evolution E-commerce makes that journey as smooth as possible, and importantly, within budget.

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Security matters

Some people associate open source with security issues. Fear not as with WooCommerce this is definitely not the case. The developers behind WordPress and WooCommerce release frequent security updates as new threats arise. The integrity of your site and the security of your customers and visitors are of paramount importance.

And as we install, develop, and customise your WooCommerce store, our expert developers scrutinise the codebase in minute detail for potential vulnerabilities.

Secure hosting is another vital security consideration. We use top-class hosting partners who view the security of your website as a top priority. For new-build projects, we can arrange premium, secure hosting for you or move your existing site across to our recommended WordPress and WooCommerce hosting partners if needed.

Successful WooCommerce with Evolution

If you have an existing e-commerce project and WordPress with WooCommerce is your preferred choice, or you are considering WooCommerce for a new venture, we invite you to get in touch via our Contact Page.

We are here to help so come and chat with a friendly WooCommerce web developer and discover how we can help shape your success. A discovery session is free of charge and without further obligation.

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