Swallow Dental

Dazzling performance
When we examined Swallow Dental’s Magento e-commerce website, we could see that it had serious UX issues. We implemented numerous site improvements and gave it a long-overdue Magento upgrade.

In data

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Open wide

Once we put the site under our microscope, we could see that the original Magento e-commerce site was so disjointed, it didn’t offer any interactions from the homepage. It transpired that navigation was so difficult that, rather than use the core navigation, users were having to resort to using the search function to find what they were looking for.

Root and canal

There was no quick fix here. We knew that major work needed to be done. We started by making a series of structural improvements in the design to make it flow better. We upgraded Magento to a new version and also added Elastic Search to improve search functionality and enhance the user experience.


The branding itself was looking a little jaded so our art directors updated the brand and made immediate improvements to the web banners. These may appear to be cosmetic changes, but they were designed to make the experience a more enjoyable one. Plus, the rebuild of the CMS to include new functionality empowered the client to easily update numerous areas of the site themselves.

More bite

It’s early days, but so far, conversion rates have increased from 2.68% to 4.18%. By continuing to work with Swallow Dental, we’re expecting to improve their Google Lighthouse score from 66 to 94 and then ramp up SEO rankings and conversions.