We Power Your Car

Powerful e-commerce
Electric cars are the future. We Power Your Car provides a simple, hassle-free way to help you find the right EV charger for your electric car, purchase it and even install it. The whole service is slick and streamlined.

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Going nowhere

We Power Your Car knew that without any physical stores, their website had to deliver an impressive customer experience, and make customers feel instantly comfortable with the brand, or else it’d be a total non-starter. They needed a user-friendly e-commerce site built from scratch, so We Power Your Car threw us the keys.

We Power Your Car WooCommerce Image of a car


The concept of home chargers is still relatively new, so one of the key things we needed to do was to convey how simple the service was and answer any questions customers might have along the journey. Clear, concise and informative, and WooCommerce was the perfect e-commerce platform to deliver this.

We Power Your Car WooCommerce - Image of charger

Smooth ride

By showcasing a series of simple steps and with just a couple of questions, the We Power Your Car e-commerce site steers the consumer to the right EV charger and provides a clear, fixed priced quote. Simple and engaging, it clearly explains the path to purchase and gives the car owner support, advice and the confidence to buy a charger, including professional installation.

Extended range

The site was tremendously successful from launch and we are working continuously with the client to refine the user experience, and ensure customers are receiving the right content, with new improvements including the addition of a charger and accessories comparison feature. Being built on WooCommerce, it has an almost unlimited range for future scalability.