Tangle Angel

Elevating the brand
Tangle Angel makes affordable and heavenly hairbrushes. Since 2019, we’ve been improving their online profile and e-commerce sales to challenge and take market share from the category leaders.

In data

orders since the site launch

Wooing customers

To make it incredibly easy for customers to shop, we built Tangle Angel a brand new website on WooCommerce and integrated TotalProcessing to handle the payments.

Untangled UX

To direct sales away from the established names in hairbrush products and over to Tangle Angel, we had to make sure our sales process was super sleek. We looked at the whole user experience and teased out anything that might complicate the journey and drive customers to a competitor.

In the stars

As the challenger brand, Tangle Angel needed to win consumer confidence in order to compete so to triumph, we enlisted Trustpilot to collect reviews. With an 86% excellent record and zero bad reviews, this was an inspired move which gave shoppers confidence in the brand.

Angelic upstarts

The result? The whole UX and path to purchase is silky smooth. The journey from finding the right product to ordering and completing payment is dead straight, with no knots or tangles to be seen!