Holme Farmed Venison

Meaty challenge
Holme Farmed Venison supplies award-winning wild and farmed venison to UK supermarkets, Michelin-starred restaurants and foodies. We were challenged to create an e-commerce site that looked and performed as good as the venison tasted.

In data

sales increase in the last 6 months

Best ingredients

We got back to basics and knew that the key ingredient would be a responsive site built on WooCommerce. We created a substantial site with incredibly intuitive e-commerce features and a smooth, user-focused navigation with no lumpy bits.

Mouthwatering design

Our designers couldn’t wait to get started with creating a WooCommerce website that conveyed the heritage and history of the Holme Farmed Venison brand. Slick design attributes and a wonderful user experience went down well with customers, and the increase in traffic was immediately noticeable.

Winning recipe

Our team of strategists, developers and designers have cooked up a delicious e-commerce site that has exceeded the demands of our discerning client. We’ve beefed up their online brand presence and have treated customers to a user experience that ranges from fabulous recipes to the ability to quickly buy the ingredients needed to create it.