Haighs Bakery

Rising sales
Like many businesses, Haighs Bakery, based in Guiseley, Leeds was hit hard by COVID-19, losing 90% of sales overnight. We acted fast to develop an e-commerce store on Shopify.

Best thing since…

A family run business since 1950, the bakery prides itself on making everything from scratch using top quality ingredients, so they certainly weren’t going to let a global pandemic stop them! They immediately started promoting Haighs Bakery Boxes, which were a roaring success with parents keen to teach their kids how to bake during lockdown.

Using our loaf

When Haighs approached us to help, we took a look at their growing B2C business and identified that they needed a proper online e-commerce website to be able to handle their orders. We started developing a store on the Shopify platform. Why Shopify? Well, apart from it being capable and scalable, it doesn’t require intensive design, which therefore made it quicker and more affordable to launch.

Not half-baked

We set about professionally photographing the products, whilst the bakery team worked hard writing the copy and long lists of product ingredients. We designed, developed and launched their fully-transactional Shopify e-commerce site in just 2 weeks, from start to finish.

Proven results

Since launching their e-commerce website on the Shopify platform, sales have steadily risen and grown way beyond anything Haighs Bakery expected. So much so, in fact, that they outgrew local postcodes and are now offering free nationwide delivery.