Building sales
BAM Site Direct approached us to build a new e-commerce site for them that would promote and sell their construction site consumables and services. One site, servicing both general and corporate customers.

In data

Over £20k
in sales since soft launch in february 2021
sessions since soft launch in february 2021

Solid foundations

The client needed a hard-working e-commerce specialist to design a user experience that was simple, solid, and intuitive. It needed to drive sales, help conversion, boost customer loyalty and promote cross-sales and repeat purchases.

Shopify works

The e-commerce project had several challenges including balancing highly-specific B2B account customer order restrictions and functionality, all on a limited budget. Our team devised a solution that started with Shopify’s off-the-shelf capabilities, integrated app partners and tweaked it with some bespoke dev work.

Restricted access

Various existing contracts with construction partners, which included fixed prices and also goods carrying partners’ branding, was an added complication. Our solution created flexible customer groups with restricted products, easily controlled by BAM.

Under construction

The launch of the Shopify e-commerce site to the restricted customer base was a success. BAM has since committed to working closely with Evolution to extend the functionality and inventory further still.