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An E-commerce Marketing Agency – Connecting you with consumers

There has been a seismic change in the way people shop.  As such, many businesses have been focusing on incorporating e-commerce tactics within their marketing strategies. But what does this mean for new and established e-commerce businesses and how can your business rise above the crowd and get noticed in an increasingly busy marketplace?

As a leading specialist e-commerce marketing agency, Evolution E-commerce is at the forefront of providing e-commerce marketing services. We use data-driven innovation, technical expertise, and some inspired creativity to produce holistic e-commerce and branding strategies for our clients.

Here, we deep dive into our specialist e-commerce digital marketing services, what benefits they bring to the table, and how they can potentially deliver a fantastic return on your investment (ROI).

E-commerce – Have you missed the boat?

Definitely not is the short answer.

There’s still plenty of room for existing e-commerce businesses to grow and new enterprises to flourish,but you have to be increasingly smart to stay ahead of the game. Being smart means having accurate and relevant research data at your fingertips, and a willingness to adopt the very latest e-commerce platform technology to get ahead of the competition, build your brand, and drive sales. As the saying goes within e-commerce, you have to be ahead just to stand still.

With 28.1% of UK retail sales completed online in September 2021, (up from 19.7% in February 2020)*, the online retail boom is far from over. In fact, it is estimated that by 2040, as much as 95% of retail shopping will be done online.

* Source: Office of National Statistics

Targeted Marketing

Good, targeted marketing inspired by a data-driven strategy aims to put your business in the line of sight of your target audience and elevate your brand by differentiating it from your competitors.  This is where an experienced specialist e-commerce marketing company can help.

Digital marketing and e-commerce developments are not straightforward. It is very easy for the unwary to pour a large marketing budget down an unproductive route that does not produce the expected result.

The fact that according to some studies, between 80 and 90% of e-commerce start-up businesses fail within the first 120 days is simply not talked about enough. That’s a lot of shattered dreams that with the right guidance, could have been avoided.

Can we help your brand deliver a better e-commerce experience?

What makes e-commerce marketing services different?

E-commerce marketing demands that agency experts bring a broad skillset and in-depth knowledge of a range of complexities to the table. Attracting the right people to your website, keeping them engaged, and then converting them to paying customers is not as simple as setting a new site live.

Here at Evolution E-commerce, we offer a full range of e-commerce marketing solutions that can take your business from early foundations right through to commercial success.

We provide the insights, strategy and support to help you avoid becoming just another statistic.

So, let’s take a closer look at these e-commerce digital marketing services.

Platform development

Your e-commerce platform is the first and arguably the most important stage in marketing an e-commerce business. Getting the technical elements right will help futureproof your business..

It needs to be user- and team-friendly to ensure the upload of contentis quick, efficient, and optimised acrossan ever-expanding range ofdevices. (Omnichannel)

Our development team at Evolution E-commerce are experts with:

Our developers can work on just about any PHP-based platform. We offer customisation, platform migration with no data loss, and bespoke performance enhancements. We back your business with the robust technical foundation needed for sustained growth.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The best e-commerce marketing solutions rely heavily on people finding their way to your site. Of course, there are a multitude of ways to make this possible with SEO being the most organic of them. The further you rise in the rankings, the more visible you become, and the more people start to think of your brand as a market leader.

To get up there and compete with the top players you need the best people behind you. Our SEO consultants are experts in researching and auditing your current SEO position and proposing innovative SEO strategies that boost rankings.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Using SEO to build organic search engine ranking is a longer-term process that can easily be boosted and made more immediate by allocating some of the advertising budget to a Pay Per Click campaign. PPC is one of the most cost-effective strategies for projecting your business in the major search engines because it can be highly targeted.

Working alongside SEO improvements, we can use our analysis to propose effective Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies. Being at the forefront of technical updates, and using filters to identify and segment your target audience, we ensure your campaign is targeted to get the maximum return on investment.

Social media strategy

Social media is a very complex and powerful tool for building your brand, connecting and engaging with your target market, and boosting conversions. New social media platforms compete with long-established names for a share of the social media audience.

In such a fast-moving world, things change quickly. Our social media marketing services guide you through the complex process of getting ahead on social media.

Evolution E-commerce can help you to rise above the competition and get your voice heard. We have the expertise to identify the best and most popular platforms for your target demographic. We can analyse your current social media positioning and design strategy and content creation programmes that provide a social media roadmap for you to follow.

Content Creation

We use your brand identity to create cohesive and authentic content for distribution across your social media channels. The quality of your content says everything about your business and the products or services you offer.

Our content creators take the agreed data-driven digital marketing strategies guided by trends and research and use them to provide imaginative solutions that resonate with and engage your target audience.

Media Planning & Buying

The goal of media planning and buying is to keep your business above the horizon and always in the sight of your target market, whatever the channel. Planning makes sure that you have the right material available to capture your audience across a broad range of channels and consumer touchpoints.

Although a digital marketing agency like Evolution can produce much of the content you need, knowing where to go for high-quality specialist services is important. Keeping your brand messaging consistent is made easier if media planning and buying services are kept under one roof.

Our media buying services synchronise with existing market research and digital marketing strategies to make sure that your core messages are not being drowned out. They form an integral part of producing a finely-honed brand-boosting campaign that utilises the finest professionals whenever specialist services are needed.

Email marketing

An oldie but still a goody, it’s easy to dismiss email marketing as a thing of the past. But when it comes to digital marketing, any e-commerce agency worth its salt will always recommend an email marketing strategy and a complementary marketing automation platform

Email is one of the ways you have of making a business-to-person connection with your consumer. Email marketing can be integrated with user experience (UX) analysis that follows the customer journey through your website.

As well as fresh campaigns drip-fed to your mailing list, opportunities to reconnect with a visitor arise when a shopping cart has been abandoned, a contact form partially filled, or even with an after-sales follow-up.

Our e-commerce marketing solutions are designed to make the best use possible of the budget you have available. Email marketing campaign management is one of the most cost-effective services, because once designed, much of it can be automated.

How can we help?

If your e-commerce project has faltered, your search ranking plummeted or your social media profiles have taken on a life of their own, why not get in touch with our digital marketing experts for a free consultation?

Seeking professional advice will often pay for itself many times over. We are a customer-focused e-commerce digital marketing consultancy offering tailored and bespoke services to a range of clients across all sectors of e-commerce. We can put together a digital marketing plan for you based on your commercial objectives and budget.

Can we help your brand deliver a better e-commerce experience?