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We propel brands and sales by delivering high-performance e-commerce using a revolving arsenal of technical, strategic and creative skills. Building and implementing CRO strategies. Integrating CRM. Payment systems. ERPs. The whole shebang.

E-commerce CRO & Performance

Here, we take a more detailed look at CRO strategies employed by a conversion rate optimisation agency and discuss how we use them to substantially increase your bottom line.

In this case, the bottom line is not your revenue, but the ratio of visitors to your website that proceed through to a purchase without abandoning the journey partway through. But of course, as your CRO efforts take hold, the customer retention rate increases, and revenue will naturally follow suit.

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What is CRO?

A conversion rate optimisation agency like ours blends design and data analysis with the ongoing development process. The goal of analysing user interaction with your website is to increase conversions, and therefore sales, by making the customer experience as frictionless as possible.

Our expert design teams use data analysis to inspire innovative design concepts and work with you to elevate your e-commerce project to the next level.

In Short,

CRO increases the power of your site, provides a roadmap for site development, and highlights marketing priorities. Clarity of this sort can often be a cost-effective option when it comes to avoiding expensive development and marketing errors.

Can we help your brand deliver a better conversion rate

How does it work?

Not all websites are equal. You have probably invested heavily in a website and a marketing plan that will convert. But could it convert much more, and ensure all that investment is working harder? By following these steps we can eliminate any guesswork and turn browsers into customers.

Conversion rate optimisation services are fundamental to the ongoing development of an e-commerce project, in many ways as important as the website itself. If the visitor does not feel engaged, has difficulty navigating around, or gets stuck in a badly designed cart, no matter how many ad campaigns you run, it is the conversion rate rather than the visitor stats that will dictate success.

Eliminating Guesswork

CRO can eliminate any guesswork and turn browsers into customers. Data-driven decision-making combined with the type of instinctive consumer insights developed by an experienced e-commerce conversion optimisation agency like Evolution E-commerce can make all the difference.

Understanding what to test, how to test accurately, and how to interpret the results is where we come in. We look at the user experience, evaluate content, obtain feedback through surveys and usability testing. We seek innovative ways to obtain and use qualitative (user) and quantitative (data) research to improve the Key Performance Indicators behind your business.


Research helps us to benchmark existing performance, identify areas of success, and look for potential improvements. The aim is to slowly tighten the marketing screw and squeeze every last drop of commercial juice out of your website and the money you have invested in it.

Research aims to find answers to questions and develop a hypothesis. Translating a hypothesis into a controlled testing environment relies on the expertise of our web designers, PHP coders, and platform developers.

Maximising the return on your investment (ROI) is our number one priority. Techniques at our disposal include:

Technical auditing

User mapping

Usability testing

Market research

Keyword research

Content analysis

Platform analysis

Google analytics


Once we have identified the key areas of improvement and produced a hypothesis report, it’s testing time. We test, adapt and test again until the results begin to come in. Rolling A/B testing eventually uncovers variations that move the sales needle. This is an ongoing process of constant improvement until key indicators match performance goals.

Creating new pages, trying different copy, site tweaks, colour changes, new templates, and A/B variants backed with paid activity are all in the mix.

Our e-commerce conversion rate optimisation services are based on your development stage, current performance, and business objectives. There is no set formula for CRO. Instead, we tailor our service to your specific needs based on our initial audits. The research tools we use as well as the tests we carry out will vary from business to business.

Data analysis

Tucked away in a dark corner of our office we have a team of people who relish getting knee-deep in data. All of the research and testing in the world is little more than a stab in the dark without the ability to accurately analyse the results.

The value of hard data and lots of it is indisputable. But what type of data is useful for making those critical data-driven development decisions? We look at metrics that weigh site performance against business objectives.

The most obvious and perhaps in many ways the most important metrics are revenue-driven. How many people sign up for a trial, purchase a product or pay for a download? We analyse the number of cart abandonments and the customer journey leading up to the abandonment.

We also track and analyse what we call micro-conversion goals. Page engagements, time spent, newsletter subscriptions, and clicks on expanded product descriptions are all aspects of the customer journey that can be used to drive development. This helps us to identify both the successes and those key areas to improve, amend, test, and revise until everything’s just perfect.


Many page improvements, design updates, and content additions can be safely carried out on a live site. For critical coding improvements and server-side development, we would use a testing environment before going live.

Our goal is always to get the best-performing version of an update live as soon as possible to keep the ball rolling and maximise conversions.

The results

Part of our service is frequently reporting back on all our investigations and results to agree on the next steps. What we’d expect to see is a steady increase in conversions on the site, ultimately leading to revenue growth.

Your point of contact will be a dedicated account manager who will monitor the campaign and produce regular progress reports. E-commerce is an ongoing process, and we monitor data closely and feedback our findings to make sure that you are always on track for success.

Why not take the next step?

If you are interested in finding out more about using CRO to boost sales or any of our other e-commerce design and development services, why not give us a call and have a chat with a conversion rate optimisation consultant?

Our team of experts is always on hand to answer your questions and we always try to use plain English. You can choose the way you would like to get in touch with us from the options. Let us know what you need and let’s explore some solutions together.

Can we help your brand deliver a better e-commerce experience?