Website Management and Maintenance

The first contact a potential customer experiences with your business is likely to be your website. You normally only get one very quick chance to create a first impression – essentially, it’s your shop window. And if your website loads slowly, looks outdated and doesn’t perform as it should, your visitor will be going straight back to their search results and clicking the next one.

The Problem

So, what has happened with that fresh website you were so proud of and that performed so well a year or two ago? Your visitor stats are consistent, but your bounce rates are high and your conversion rates low. Most often the issue is that website maintenance and/or website management have been neglected.

Not engaging?

Perhaps shoppers are finding your site but not engaging with it. It might be something as basic as a broken link, but it could also point to some more serious underlying problems. Ultimately, e-commerce is about sales, profits and long-term success. So, identifying and dealing with any obstacles promptly is very important.

The Solution

E-commerce website maintenance can be a real challenge for business owners. Staying ahead of search algorithm changes, design trends and website function innovations is time-consuming. And then you have load speed, security, and the user experience. Perhaps you simply don’t have the time or the staffing resources to pay it enough attention.

Professional Services

Professional e-commerce website services should generate a significant return on investment. As a result, the most effective option for staying on top of your e-commerce performance also makes sound financial sense.

Here at Evolution E-commerce, our expert website maintenance and support services provide the perfect solution. We offer cost-effective e-commerce store management services as well as regular monitoring and  website support and maintenance packages.

Does your site need some design tweaking or a full revamp?

Website Support and Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services

Our website maintenance services ensure that your website continues to perform at maximum efficiency. Using a thorough inspection and audit, our tiered approach starts by running through the fundamentals, that although easier to deal with, are no less important.

Basic website support and maintenance checks

Domain Expiry

Seems basic but all it takes is a missed email or some distraction during a busy period and suddenly your sales fall to zero. You go to your site to check what is happening and find the domain has expired. We make sure that this doesn't happen to you.

Privacy compliance

We make sure that your site complies with all statutory privacy requirements for website traffic, display ads, affiliate links, accepting payments, and that your use of cookies is up-to-date and GDDR compliant. We take the guesswork out of privacy compliance.

Broken Links

The moment that your visitor clicks on a broken link and is redirected to a 404 page projects a poor initial impression. The chances are you have just lost a potential sale. Our broken link check will examine your navigation structure, fix broken links and make sure your sitemap is up to date.

Advanced website support and maintenance checks

Site load speeds

How quickly your site loads is now more important than ever. More people are now using mobile devices to shop than desktop computers. If your e-commerce store is taking more than three seconds to load you are losing sales.

A recent study by Fasthost found that as much as £60 billion a year in sales could be being lost by slow loading sites because a visitor abandons and shops somewhere faster.

And it’s not just about lost sales, your search engine ranking will suffer too. Google places a lot of emphasis on the Core Web Vitals that monitor and report back on load times across all devices.

For the ultimate solution, we offer the latest in e-commerce website services that will put your site load speeds right up there with the main players. Headless e-commerce transforms the way e-commerce front-end and back-end architectures are constructed.

With headless e-commerce, your content is loaded almost instantly, regardless of the device or the internet access method used. We can seamlessly integrate your existing store into a headless e-commerce environment. Watch as site abandonment due to slow loading becomes a thing of the past.

Site Design

As with anything, trends come and go. Unfortunately, having a website design that looks outdated is going to affect your customer retention and conversion rates. And if your site design template does not render well across smartphones and tablets as well as desktop, potential customers quickly become impatient and leave.

We often recommend that you should be considering a professional website revamp at least once every three years. When that is not possible, and in between revamps, our innovative design and development teams can make some smaller design tweaks and customer experience improvements that boost performance to attract and retain consumers.

We have some of the best and most innovative website designers and developers in the business ready to go to work on your site and deliver the results you need to stay ahead of the game.

Content and SEO

Is your content high-quality, fresh and authentic, and is there enough of it? Examining how your current visitors are arriving at your site and their customer journeys provides useful insight into where your e-commerce content strategy could be tweaked to improve performance.

Filtering out and replacing or re-imagining outdated content along with honing your SEO keyword and link-building strategy is a cost-effective way of boosting your store’s performance.

Whether you need basic e-commerce store management services or something more complex, we can tailor an e-commerce website maintenance package to suit your objectives and budget.

What else can we do for you?

Evolution E-commerce is a leading full-service e-commerce consultancy agency. Whatever you need in the way of website maintenance and support services, we have highly skilled design and development teams to meet your needs.

We are more than capable of going to the next level and implementing a full e-commerce development strategy, taking the consumer journey through to a confirmed purchase and identifying user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) refinements.

If you’re looking to partner with an industry-recognised agency, our reputation based on years’ of experience working with a range of important clients speaks for itself. Boosting visitor stats, customer retention, conversion rates and shopping cart checkouts is what we do best.

If your site is underperforming and you would like to speak to an e-commerce specialist, getting in touch with Evolution E-commerce for an informal chat is easy.

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